Love, Unity, Spirituality

In the present world we are paying the price for not uniting in love. Love is vital because the greatest number of forces and energy is united in its commitment. One can see this on the planet with its separation, wide disorientation and alienation. In the process of spreading different dogmas, fundamental beliefs and legislations, we have lost universal love and the spiritual value of life. Nothing is respected any more because we have misplaced the spiritual merits of being and have stripped all things of their luminosity.
The mind is tender and is easily harassed in the noisy confusion of life so we need to discipline our minds to keep peace with our soul. In this way we can continue to wonder and see beauty in the world even with its fraud, strife and broken dreams. The person who does not recognize his soul, who does not commune spiritually is but a pair of glasses without an eye, a person with an intellect who is not aware of spirituality knows all the prices, but not the value of life.

Christian Mysticism

Hello world!

Unity is not a new concept, but we must open up to it to make it effective so it can change our lives, making us aware that our bodies are in harmony with God, and His power is within. God flows through every atom of our being fortifying, energizing and renewing, but we are not aware of it. Embracing and identifying with unity, instead of our minds easily opens our being to the influx of new ideas, new thoughts, new people, and the new situations that come into our experience.