Love Commitment

In the present world we are paying the price for not uniting in love. Love is vital because the greatest number of forces and energy is united in its commitment. One can see this on the planet with its separation, wide disorientation and alienation. In the process of spreading different dogmas, fundamental beliefs and legislations, we have lost universal love and the spiritual value of life. Nothing is respected any more because we have misplaced the spiritual merits of being and have stripped all things of their luminosity.

Christ Consciousness

Christ taught us that God is love, and we saw a sample of it in his compassion and suffering for the mediocre sinners in this world. Through Christ a new concept of God emerged because prior to him most people feared God. This teaching of love is more demanding and more important than his other lessons because it is the main belief of all Christians. It is believed that Christ consciousness will come to all those who understand the meaning of love. This statement is already reliable because millions of people have already achieved sublime heights in evolution both mentally and spiritually by following the loving example given by Jesus Christ. Many realizations and occurrences are happening right now while we prepare for another great leap towards pure consciousness. Men and women are inspired when they use the divine power within to do something for humanity while anticipating something beyond it. The spirituality within comes from no human source and leads to no human end, but when we comply with what the soul suggest, we gain a momentum and an awareness that unites us to the spirit in all things.

Internal Self

In our endeavor to understand life we experiment externally, which is science in order to understand the laws of life internally, which is spirituality. As we see the universal laws unfold and how they apply to our mind, we understand our relationship to the whole. By being good we find out what makes us happy and by being bad we find sadness, therefore to be content and happy we must find the best way to live. To live a good life we must deliver an unconscious pattern into a conscious system, which is what spirituality does for us. It is just as important to understand our internal self, as it is to understand the external self in order to be healthy and happy. We need to learn to watch the inner reactions of the mind, the same way we observe events in the outer world for self-preservation; consequently, our mind becomes aware of itself as pure consciousness.