Religion as experience, not tradition

Religion has become a matter of family tradition, a moral habit with some social benefit because it appeals to the emotions and the mind, but true religion satisfies the unit consciousness not by words, but by action and reflection. It not only gives emotional energy and intellectual stimulation, but also takes the sincere beyond the mind to experience the soul or unit consciousness. Therefore, one should not be lost in the words alone, but in the experience, the realization of those words. The spoken and written words are not the goal; the end is not in the words themselves because they are just the rule, the standards that show the way to a blissful, loving experience in life. Contemplation teaches without the noise of words because its obvious goal is the intimate union with Christ consciousness. This union with Christ is like a drop of water losing itself in the ocean, yet there are as many approaches to this ocean of pure consciousness as there are Christians, churches and temples.

Good and Evil

The opposite of good is evil. It tempts us with its apparent glitter of false virtue, power and brilliant capability, and many are drawn into its error. In the battlefield of our minds we can defeat this beast; base instincts, pride, hate and egotism with its thousand heads, if we understand evil not as a conquering and degrading enemy outside, but as a power in our minds collaborating with the whole. If we know good first and follow it, constantly thinking of good then the evil will have no power and all evil appearances will fade out of our lives. Evil disappears gradually little by little as we advance through the layers of the mind to the all-pervading pure consciousness. Our temptations disappear as we progress just as shade disappears before the sun. In this way the evil we witness in the world is taken away from the devil and is made into a weapon against him, if we see it as the negative contents of our own mind causing us not to be positive all the time.
This insight is the first step to a radical change in our attitude and view of the world. This self-study teaches us to be charitable to all and gives us an understanding of others by first studying the faults in ourselves.

Consciousness with a body, not a body with consciousness

Unfortunately, most people identify with the body and neglect the consciousness within. They have concentrated all their energies on the superficial beauty of the vehicle, completely neglecting the consciousness inside. The body is meant for the use of consciousness: our consciousness is not meant for the beauty of the vehicle. Some people care for their minds in the same way, feeding it art and literature. They identify with the mind and give it food for thought, stimulation and knowledge with scarcely any energy going to the soul, which is distinct from the body or mind. We should take care of our bodies and our minds, but we must also understand the importance of life. Life develops with the awareness of undistorted pure consciousness so our consciousness should not be neglected as it offers the highest benefit, which is happiness and peace of mind. Let us not misuse our life in the vain pursuit of physical and mental gratification, but to pursue a better life within and without.
When we progress from the bodily stage, we see the mind as the center of our activities; hopefully we don’t take the mind as the final stage of understanding. This is the mental stage where we can reach an intellectual stage, but we need to evolve to a spiritual stage, the highest stage of perfection by looking inward. The inner consciousness becomes aware of itself not by rubberstamping into a religion or group unless they can help, but by identifying with consciousness.

Christian Mysticism