The vigilance to stay in the ark of God’s pure consciousness takes discipline, but satisfies our basic spiritual need by acting as a counter-weight to the ever increasing nervous, mental and physical tensions in modern life. This counteraction to the deterioration caused by our daily fight for survival helps us to grow healthier and more relaxed as we become calm, less inclined to agitation, frustration and a bad frame of mind. Therefore, the reassuring first step to know the meaning of God is to develop the conscious awareness of His omnipresence, which is ancient and as modern as the space age. Dedication to the recognition of this one God as an art and the unity of all things in His consciousness as a science will eliminate the stress and hustle of modern life.

A mind of bliss

Our human mind is like a floating laboratory and the success of its voyage or experiments depends on how we use it. We can use it either as an anchor and stay where we are or as a rudder to direct our lives. If our mind sinks to the ego or ‘doer I’, we will stay anchored in the same situation year after year, but if we engage our mind in the higher truths serving our higher self, we will have smooth sailing to spiritual salvation. As we become detached and unshaken by life’s stresses and strains, we grow to identify ourselves with our eternal, knowledgeable, blissful soul instead of with our finite body, ego and mind.

Mystical Union

The love of Christ presents man’s spirit with an intuitive understanding that the mysteries of faith can be brought into existence and appreciated. These mysteries are given to us to be mastered, and they seek understanding, not only in reflection, but also in prayer and meditation. God is everything, which we try to represent for the intellect and is infinitely more so we pass from philosophical understanding to faith, and then we pass from faith to spiritual understanding. Spiritual understanding is an intensification of faith transforming it into a vision, an experience and a mystical union.

New look at Trinity

I love thinking about the Trinity. I feel it is our yin yang symbol. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost is the Christian symbol for God from which the universe emanates, has its growth, realizes pure consciousness and merges in the end. I feel when the Holy Trinity is in equilibrium it transcends the limitations of time; past, present and future. But when the equilibrium is disturbed, each principle of the Holy Trinity has the opportunity to express itself. This is the emergence of being from non-being or what we refer to as creation. In creation there is still oneness, but the awareness of this oneness in all things becomes lost in the individual awareness of the parts. God, the Father is used in the pervasive sense that is the pure consciousness that is all pervading and as Christians, we say God is all knowing because he is all pervading. The Witnessing Consciousness, God the Father is everywhere, He lies quiescent in every entity; therefore, He is all seeing and all pervading. In my model God the Father is the ocean of pure consciousness and in this ocean of pure consciousness, God the Father allows the Holy Spirit, or the Holy Ghost, the second part of the Trinity as you may call it, to operate.

In the beginning, if there was only God, who was He talking to when he said, “Let there be light?” Pure consciousness or God was talking to the operative principle, the Holy Ghost, the second person of the Trinity. He was saying let creation manifest. The primordial waters talked about in Genesis have no shape or form so in the beginning, when “all lands were sea,” the void is nothing but an ocean of pure consciousness. This void is everything; it is a time before the emergence of the conscious mind and being. In my view God the Father is an undivided and indivisible Whole, a pure consciousness that fills all time and permeates all space. This makes our purpose not to find God, but to realize God’s presence and to understand that this all pervading consciousness is always with us. Life flows up from the inside where the Divine Presence is springing up from within us. When we realize this, we recognize that this all-pervading consciousness is responding to us from every person, thing or event that transpires. The Divine Presence is everywhere so I must awaken to the realization of this Presence.

Christian Mysticism