Solution to world’s problems

Seeing God as omnipresent is the answer to the world’s problems because it helps one to overcome the present conditions of the world. Quarrels among churches, among countries, religions and wars would end because we would see that there is only one God uniting us all. Seeing God in our individual consciousness gives us the spiritual power to heal our ills, limitations and anything else we are lacking. It is our answer to overcome any evil we see in the world today, but we cannot just accept it as truth because it must be proven within our experience. For a holy person to preach these words are not good enough, it is only when we know it in ourselves that we feel the power. There is no power in repeating a phrase because that is only a recitation; in fact there is no power that is not the power of God. What we need is the consciousness of God to express His power through us to enable us to see Him operating universally through others and ourselves, bringing to us what we need to grow and be happy. The kingdom of God is expressed in the harmony and power within.

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