Soul, Christ Consciousness and love

Our possessive nature spoils things, our attachments blind; they bind and hurt us so we need to let go of our old ways and become free because this detachment is our liberation. When a person loves something he sets it free, this is love. Love is beyond the mind, beyond mere words, and is expressed in silent sacrifice. Jesus loved us and died for us to show us the way. His liberation from the earth glorified God and showed us the way. He loved, sacrificed and died for everyone demonstrating his love for God, everything and the unity of pure consciousness. The union between Christ consciousness and pure consciousness is so intimate that no creature could ever detect a difference between them. Christ is demonstrating the union between our soul and God because our soul is nearer to God than it is to our body. We have higher and lower powers just like Jesus because we enjoy the bliss of eternity while, at the same time, suffering and struggling here on earth. We should not inhibit the function of our consciousness, but train, offer it up to God and be in harmony with it at all times. Jesus showed us how to assign suffering solely to the body, the lower faculties and the senses so our consciousness can be plunged into the pure consciousness of our Lord. He showed us how to love God in all things so the more purely and simply we love in unity the more thoroughly our deeds will wash away our sins and purify our minds. Jesus meant for us to follow him intelligently and spiritually so not to be manipulated by literal interpretations that lead us away from love. Following Christ consciousness in our own way depends on our love not our superficial actions. It is love that blots out sin and knows no fear so there is nothing else a man can do that is as beneficial as loving everything and everyone. When this happens, it is no longer we who love, but Christ that loves through us, it is no longer our bodies that live, but Christ consciousness that lives within us. This is the discovery of our true selves in Christ consciousness. Jesus died for us and reconciled us to his Father so Christ consciousness could live in us and unify us with God.