Intellect, Imagination, Intuition and Revelation

I feel our intellect, imagination and intuition are vital to the understanding that Jesus is alive in consciousness, which I call Christ Consciousness. The three i’s above point in the direction of God’s pure consciousness so God ceases to be an object and becomes an actual experience. This is where the formless becomes visible and the pure consciousness of God becomes expressed in the unit consciousness of an individual in the form of revelation. We appreciate the teachings of sacred scriptures because they inspire us to rise and go beyond the mind-body-consciousness. The revelations our intellect, imagination, and intuition absorb inspires us to become one with divine harmony and cosmic progression.

Modern revelations of Truth are in complete harmony with the Truth in spiritual scriptures. They come from the same source. Spiritual scriptures and the words from recent revelations enhance and clarify each other. They help us to translate, comprehend, and apply the knowledge in the ancient scriptures.

When one leaves, God visits and leaves behind revelations.

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