See God Everywhere

Beginning with the knowledge of our oneness with a God that is everywhere in pure consciousness, we open up and build on the concept that God is supreme and the source of all there is. This successful attitude shelters us from the flood of separate experiences in life that drag us down and drown us with a tightfisted attitude. Just like Noah followed directions in the midst of his troubles to build the ark, we can build a balanced state of mind and see the showers of tribulations as a shower of blessings to get stronger. The separation that we encounter on earth is just a time to balance, adjust, heal and redirect the mind to God’s pure consciousness. When we meet life’s challenges constructively, we build an ark of spiritual consciousness that is strong and able to resist negativity because it is situated on a balanced state of mind. This ark of consciousness also rests on the highest peak after the flood because it is consciously aware of the presence of God. We know God is all-powerful and good because He leads us back from the torrent of pessimism that separates and pulls us down to dissolution to a belief in the One Almighty Consciousness that gives courage, strength, comfort and prosperity. Unity is a remedy for the mind, for mental ills and a solution for our difficulties. Making our minds a channel for God’s one pure consciousness pours friendship, health, love and fortune back into this world. This successful attitude in the unity of pure consciousness enables us to function at a much higher level eliminating fear from the body and impurities from the mind, which can cause disease and impede spiritual development. Christian Mysticism

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