Reform the Church with Mysticism

I feel the rebellion against modern Christianity is due to the consciousness and intelligence observing the truth and comparing it to teachings that dishonor God and man. I feel thoughtful, educated, and intelligent people have slipped away from Christianity because the fundamental church has represented God as a tyrant and man as evil. It is not moral degradation that leads the revolt against fundamental dogma, but moral outrage and intelligent shock at the crude ideas and authoritative teachings that are rammed down people’s throats. I feel they have forced Christian Mysticism behind a veil so people fail to notice reality, truth and the personal spiritual experience with Christ.  I am not against Christianity, but feel it needs to awaken the inner teachings, which need evidence and theory. The Christian mystics seem to be persecuted for seeking illumination of the inner light and listening for the inner voice of God. I feel the future of the Church depends on the greater mysteries being taught by God’s children of light along side the lesser mysteries as preparation. The hirelings who alienate people against Christian Mysticism need to be replaced, as they are the blind leading the blind.

Liberal Christianity

I firmly believe that religion or rigorous practice can’t be applied with pressure and intimidation because that only brings force and violence, not wisdom so it must be fulfilled with reason, debate and intuition. When religion is left to the conviction and conscience of every person, then one can achieve a balance in this world between positive and negative, good and evil, and also between pleasure and pain. If religion brings fear, hatred, separation or anything that will frighten a child, it is probably not a true practice. Religion should bring reverence and respect for everyone and everything, and it should also not be bent for the rich and powerful because one will see wealth and worldly pleasure as worthless in the higher layers of the mind. The cloak of hypocrisy and self-interest has to be removed so praise and blame can be taken with a calm assurance unaffected by both honor and disgrace. There is no need to limit our possibilities as we open our consciousness to greater receptivity, to an enlarged concept of life as it takes on a fresh and extraordinary interpretation.

Religion should not be used to manipulate people in politics. It should be respected and used internally.  Christian Mysticism

Jesus in the Flesh

Jesus came in the flesh to transform mankind above materialism to a spiritual understanding and an experience with God. He did not reject scientific truth because at that time people didn’t study the scientific method instead he told stories to help bring others to an intimate union with everything. When explained with reason, the content of these stories demonstrates the inner meaning of the universe and human life. Primarily, these stories tell us who we are and how we should behave, providing us a way to self-understanding by serving the intellect’s desire to know about the beginning of creation and human life itself. Our intelligence has a vitally important part to play in answering these fundamental questions that preserve our mental and spiritual health. It is our life intelligence that guides us through the crises of birth, puberty, marriage, suffering and death; it also leads us to reflect on our inner life and our relationship to every man and woman. The intellect can give us a glimpse of the spiritual life inside ourselves, help us resist the exterior influences that blind us with passion and help us access thoughts about God that are totally new, unexpected and beyond our own capacity. The effect of these inspirations is to enable the soul to approach God beyond the material realm in pure consciousness where everything is one.