Worshiping God, Not the Bible

Bible reading Christians considered left-hande­dness to be deviant so it had to be punished or changed. Conservati­ve Christians who tried to force that change are doing the same unchristia­n mistakes with homosexual­ity. Unwise interpreta­tions of the Bible and Paul are misleading Christians to persecute, dominate and exclude homosexual­s from their faith. Jesus accepted all and excluded none. These attempts do not change them but only cause more serious problems. It seems instead of using the Bible as a guide to grow deeper into the spirit and become a better Christian, conservati­ve Christians use their interpreta­tions of the Bible to judge and exclude others. I feel we can only judge our actions because we can’t put ourselves behind the eyes of another. I feel the Bible is a guide for us and it becomes a weapon of violence when it is thrown at others.
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Do Only Religious People Have a ‘Calling’?

I would say everyone has a calling. We can change the world by changing ourselves, cultivatin­g good qualities from internal realizatio­n, clarity and introspect­ion. One does not need a specific religion to do this. When we are tranquil inside we begin to have a deep spiritual experience where all things and people have significan­ce. Relaxation unfolds realizatio­n where I as a Christian mystic live passionate­ly committed to Christ.
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Ira Glass, Religion and the Empathetic Power of Storytelling

A story relates an experience and a good story explains that experience in different ways. Many people are religious, but they lack the spiritual experience of love and peace so the story they tell is unbelievab­le. The know all the prices by reading the price tags, but they don’t seem to know the value. http://thi­nkunity.co­m
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Trust and Faith

Trust and Faith

I feel contemplation takes us from Trust to Faith. I feel Trust and Faith are holding hands, but they are different in that Trust is coming from the head, logically telling us that everything will turn out in the long run, while Faith on the spiritual level gives us a calm feeling because we know it will or has already happened in infinity. It is nice when they walk together because a calm easy feeling is emitted. If one only has one it seems an unbalance occurs that makes it difficult to go forward. For example, I feel many trust that they have a religion that represents the central principle of God, but their actions seem to show us that they may not have the faith that it represents God. It shows in their actions of holding back from being completely enthusiastic about Love, or coming closer to their God. I don’t think this is a fun place to be and is not productive because there is not a total submission to Spirit or Soul. If there were a total submission to God’s will, there would be eagerness to know God in all His aspects. There would be no time to play my religion is “better or best” game. I think the individuals who play this have confused Trust and Faith. They think their Trust is Faith.

Logically, we seem to tell ourselves that we should play it safe and keep with the ideas we have because deep down we do not trust other concepts or ourselves. Following a spiritual path is difficult because of Trust and Faith. We may have faith in God and that all things are united, but not trust that people are ready to hear it or the world is ready for it with all the strife. We may believe God is talking to us in different ways, but then question these intuitions as weird spirit voices. I feel we may trust we are on the right path, but not believe it, if we think others are on the wrong path. I feel to do great spiritual work we need to believe and trust in what we are doing. This is reflected in that we also feel others are doing exactly what they are suppose to be doing at this time.

To connect Trust and Faith, I feel we have to reconnect with our faith so we need to take time to pray, meditate, listen to music, read, write, daydream, build sandcastles or whatever to connect to the Spirit within. Our deep spiritual faith will reconnect with Trust. If we lack faith then we need to argue, sing, talk, and listen to our God, which is the same God as others so there is no need to argue with other people. If we don’t have faith then our work is not spiritual. We need people to give their spiritual gifts and people need to share their spirit so we need to encourage all faiths to express their love and devotion. I feel this will get rid of religious terrorism, suicide bombers and condemning of others.

Having said all this I feel the people reading this are on a much deeper level than what I just expressed. It comes across in our lives that some people are thoughtful of their souls and see this as a cure for the world and the worldliness of our hearts. Trust in spirit allows one to love and easily laugh.  This trust trains our minds to overlook the little senseless, physical actions of the time to remember where our souls are already residing in the center of the circle. Jesus also warned us of distrust and the follow-up, physical actions that would distract our minds away from the peace in the center of the Spirit.  The soul seems to be the witness in the world just letting things be. It is immune from material laws knowing a physical action will fail to produce a spiritual thing. Reawakening to our soul we live and have being in the world, but are not of it. The soul leaves no footsteps.


“Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?

We dream we are on a journey, but we are in bed at home so our spiritual journey has no distance, but is only an awakening to our home in eternal peace. Peace is a condition of  the mind with Truth and Faith holding hands and walking together through the test of motion, rest, danger, exhaustion and being prosperous. I feel this chapter is telling us that if we find peace in the lesson that is planned for us at a specific time may it be rest or exhaustion then we will experience the attribute of eternal gentleness. I feel when we finally open our eyes from our dream and spiritual journey, we realize that we need nothing because everything we need is already provide for us even hardship is a need provided free of charge.