Sin in Christian Mysticism

To the person engrossed in pure consciousness even pain is fruitful, for all things work together for the good of the whole even sin is a commitment to greater love because it humbles bringing out the best. It shows how the ego will act contrary to the will of God so a person will rise above sin by turning to pure consciousness, God acts as if the sin had never been committed. God’s consciousness is in the present so He would never let former sins count against a person. God accepts people not for what they have been, but for what they are now. Sin is just a way to bring man to a better knowledge of his love and make him more determined to struggle for pure consciousness.

Judging a (Holy) Book by Its Cover: Personal Appearance and Faith

As ordinary men and women we see everything in its outward appearance­. God the Father sees everything in His inward appearance because all of creation is within Him. All that exists in this world from the vast universe down to the minutest atom exists in God so only the form changes. God the Father is the eternal witness seeing everything inwardly, and in reference to us he sees everything internally and externally through our eyes. Pure consciousn­ess pervades everything and is the linking force of all that is. Therefore, our duty is to expand our minds and make contact with this force that maintains our life. http://thi­­m
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Christian Enlightenment in Christian Mysticism

We can’t open the door of Christian Enlightenment in Christian Mysticism because of our attachment to images, words, and ideas that support our beliefs. We seem to fear the emptiness that we think lies beyond the door, beyond the surface of things so we grasp these things and ideas, afraid of being immersed in a Reality that our mind can’t comprehend. The guiding light is shinning under, on top of and around the door, but we are to attached and afraid to open it. It has no lock. There is no doctrine, religion, teaching or technique that opens the door. I feel there is not even a door, we just need the to walk through it with love.

Reverend Rob Bell Didn’t Envision Controversy Over Hell-Questioning Book ‘Love Wins’

God loves everyone, but I feel He/She probably prefers “fruits of the spirit” over “religious nuts” and their hell. It is with the fanatics that all Hell breaks loose. The mind leads them where they are going. What a person talks about is what is on the mind. Fanatics will talk about Hell until it freezes over.
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