American Family Association Warns Christians Of Bigotry, Family Unit Ruin And A Muslim President

We only need to clear the blocks to the connection with a God that is ever present. It is sad that churches and American Family Association uses Christianity to erect the barrier of fear to get money and manipulate sheep.
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Racism, the Church and the Fierce Urgency of Now

It is sad that the church leaders teacher Christians that they are better than others when they only need to teach people to be better than what they use to be like. I agree that the church is one of the main causes for racism.
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Spiritual but Not Religious? Not So Fast: Disney, I-Clouds and New Religion

Religions put God in the hearts of people, but Christian mysticism puts human hearts in God. I say mysticism because the Church keep it a mystery. It should be in the forefront.
– Religion is all right it moves from low to high, from slow to fast.
– The problem is it spends too much energy running around the circumference and taking for granted the center or Divinity within, which is the spiritual experience.

Religious traditions are united in a force most call God. The problem is that religions break up God into different hypothesis by taking the infinite and putting narrow walls around the pieces. This is what causes the disputes.
– I feel when the Truth of our religion is experienced and the narrow walls of the hypothesis are torn down then we find that the same Truth is basic in all religions.
– The Ultimate Truth can be approached from many directions.
– Our Lord is so kind to dwell in everyone and everything.
– We can all benefit from the different viewpoints that give us a dynamic regeneration and spiritual experience beyond the hypothesis.
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Meditation, Demystified

Meditation is just being, not becoming in silence.
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Motivational Video, Headspace: When Is The Best Time Of Day To Meditate? (WATCH)

I am hungry at six for dinner so I feel if you set your times and follow a schedule even though it is not necessary, your mind will begin to quiet and desire to sit in silence.
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Losing My Religion Over… My Religion

Let us just call God the Supreme Identity. A pure consciusness that is open to Reality, Truth, and that is all inclusive.
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