Calming the Mind

In the constant movement of the ocean one can see the impacts of the waves that are disturbing the surface; there is so much going on at the same time. In meditation or quiet time one is attempting to completely calm everything down until the pond is still with no waves or ripples of any kind. Calming the mind down from all the activities, worries, and responsibilities, in one’s identity one can get to a place where one is just the spectator looking at a peaceful, still ocean. Thoughts at an unruffled standstill are comfortable in just being. Now, if a thought drops an object in the mind, watch the swells expand on the surface of the ocean created by this single thought, stare at the waves expanding in wider and wider circles all the way to infinity. The inspector of the chosen limitation on the physical plane is gazing from an unlimited potential consciousness, which seems to be the source, or God if one wishes to call it that which is surround everything.