Christian Enlightenment

I like the term Christian Enlightenment as a movement to bridge the gap that exists between Christians and Fundamentalist. Enlightenment is a concept, which means being illuminated by acquiring new wisdom or understanding. While Fundamentalist go on the path of Inquisition, Christian Enlightenment will take the road of silent contemplation. I see it as a spiritual journey through the mountains, valleys, jungles and deserts of our minds.  A journey to Christ consciousness beyond time, space and words so it can’t be described with words or what Fundamentalist see as facts from scriptures so we will have to hint at the different levels of consciousness that can be reached spiritually. Looking into the meanings of scripture I think we can form a new concept of life, which helps form a new humanity on the individual, Christian and community level.

In Western religions I think God and Truth have become institutionalized which is good for a few if it puts God in their heart, but for most it has only fossilized Truth and God so it doesn’t live on its own. The followers think they have to defend religion beating a dead horse into the ground. The mystics of those religions and people who have had a spiritual experience put their hearts in God which gives them a wider angle of vision so they might have come from religion, but they feel related to all religions not only the fossil. For these individuals scripture is not a matter of facts, but a matter of meanings for the spiritual aspirant. The spiritual experience is a journey into eternity beyond time, space and words so it can’t be described. The words only hint at different levels of consciousness, which threatens the people institutionalized so they become more aggressive because of their fear.