There is no Religion in Heaven

There are no sinners, religions or denominations in heaven just the rapture of God’s pure consciousness which is composed of people with many different beliefs and non-beliefs in one love embracing all in atonement (at-one-ment). No one can dim the light and joy of Christmas when Christ is born again in the unity of our consciousness as we establish our rebirth in it. It does not demand sacrifice, but a celebration of the perception where we are deprived of nothing or no-thing as our communication with the soul is restored. It gets hold of us because we do not feel guilt or worry about anything because our perspective has changed from looking through the filter of the mind to looking through the soul. The soul never loses its communion with the pure consciousness of God and neither will we when we identify with it and put our mind in the service of the spirit. There is no need to feel pressured, frustrated and miserable affected by the traditions and expectations of others because there are ways to live with joy and peace by letting the spirit show the way. We are not here to just work and make a living, but to amplify the spirit and enrich the world with our consciousness by establishing the appropriate function of the mind with the thought that we are a soul with a mind.
Most people use their energy to move around the circumference of the circle forgetting about the center developing their brain and taking for granted the soul. Democritus was an ancient Greek philosopher, a key figure in the development of the atomic theory of the universe said, “Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.” People orbiting the circumference judging material reality cannot see the reality of the soul in the center because reality repositions so we see our own mental projections. The soul is out of sight and out of the mind denied because it is not recognized. For us Christians Christ is waiting in the serenity of the present day reality ready to take our hand and guide us to the Divinity within the circle. We involve Christ because our physical vision is derived from fear while his spiritual vision comes from love, and he loves what he sees within us dissolving our fear. He is calling us, but we can’t hear him because we are lost in the thoughts of the world of our own creation where we are trying to achieve something in the physical realm. We have lost sight of our soul, and the cost is enormous because we have gained awareness of the physical reality by ignoring our true reality, but we really haven’t sold our soul yet because it is still there, just the awareness of it is missing.

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