We Are Happy, Being Happy

Ever since the existence of life we have been seeking peace, freedom and happiness in things, events, superstitions, religion, and science; accordingly, the greatest quest is to embrace happiness, which is not a journey to the Supreme Being, but a journey with a spiritual being. Whatever we have done, experienced or what others have put us through, nothing can stop us because the movement to be happy starts within our self. We are all on our own unique path to contentment and are guided by our own inner voice, but the universe is more powerful than we are so we can use it to find happiness in ourselves. We are all seeking fulfillment and are on different roads to find it; therefore, if someone is on a different path than we are, it does not mean that they are lost or wrong in anyway. Happiness is an inside job that does not depend on external circumstances, seeking it in accomplishments, things or relationships is misery because happiness is not one single event, but a way of life that is always spiraling upward in eternity. Our life becomes easier when we learn to let go of the things, memories and thoughts that make us sad as we take the risk to be completely free beyond imperfections, knowing that trying to make everything perfect does not bring happiness.  We do not have to be in a place that is quiet and trouble free for spiritual practice because even working in a noisy environment with many problems we can still be peaceful, happy and free. Happiness is not a key in another person’s pocket, but a state of being, a way of living that is not attained with hard work, but something that is experienced with peace and love. The first step towards happiness is learning about our self and how our negative thoughts end up in destructive behaviors and emotions while positive thoughts are helpful, but there is not enough time to stress about a world of nonsense, let your wisdom do the talking. Being happy is always popular, but you can’t make yourself happy because it is just being happy, being yourself, being human. We are human beings; as a result, we don’t find happiness, but make it by learning to just be, to let go, accept things as they are and not how we think things should be, unattached, free in our being beyond the mind relaxing in our soul.

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  1. Don Salmon
    Dec 21, 2016 @ 00:53:59

    Hi John, Just arrived here from your comment in the Atlantic. Wonderful website, thanks!




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