The Word God Is Overused In Christianity

The symbolic systems of religion work if our ego-centric consciousness is directed from the external contemplation of God as a separate object to the interior of our being where we become conscious that we are inside God. In full development our soul is expanded in both directions because it receives impressions and sensations from the external material realm with thoughts and intuitions from the spiritual reality. The soul is our link between the spiritual and physical where the spiritual develops our intuition and the physical develops our sense organs as a result together they give us observation, insight and awareness. The ocean of pure consciousness in which we are involved is composed of energy, frequency, vibration, light and color, consequently our soul is a rainbow of colors in God’s ocean. From the soul’s perspective it is not words that communicate, but the vibrations behind them that are felt and if the frequency is sympathetic the souls dance making available the feelings of peace and harmony. In our soul we find all the secrets of the universe, the vibrations in God’s ocean of pure consciousness because the soul strives to understand the multitude of vibrations while our ego consciousness uses words to be understood. It is our choice to identify with the awesome reality deep within or with the ego consciousness that creates short-lived realities as it submerges sorrows below the surface. Full development stretches out to encompass both the physical and spiritual realms and it is not difficult to get hold of this awareness if we establish an uninterrupted mindfulness on all levels and planes. We can experience waves of light and bliss in the spiritual realm and not forget our zip code, but approaching from the mind it is difficult to clear away the preconception that the nature of our soul is just a more refined portrayal of the physical. A prayer to comprehend a problem invites awareness, insight, instincts and intuition in order to take in and make out the difficulty and discern the solution. Being mindful, one makes a distinction between a spiritual revelation and a mental inference in order to use both properly to get to the bottom of investigations and disentangle our tribulations. Our world is made of matter; however, it has invisible energy fields passing through it as well as an accepting, compliant interconnection that has no limitations or borders of any kind. This one ocean of consciousness contains our physical, mental and spiritual realities; therefore, understanding our external, internal and higher awareness makes a big difference in dealing with our individual activities in these fields. For this reason, we have all the tools we need to be who we are as we sense and become conscious of the energy around us and incorporate it into our experience. This allows us to imagine, focus our intentions, expand our awareness and clear our mind to look inward and be able to pick up intuitions and higher images and respond to them. When our life is harmonious with all the dimensions, fields and realities in the here and now and we are receptive, life will provide us with what is needed and yield to our request with its immeasurable love, quanta energy and creative resources. “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it Intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.” (Albert Einstein)

Christian Mysticism

Our Relationship Through the Living Universe with God

Christian mysticism does not end the progression and development of our troubles because they are ventures we need to go through on our way to the Kingdom of Heaven that is right here on earth. This is a progression that starts with the familiarization of the body and leads to an unfolding of the mind to reveal our true self. This awareness is not just confined to the body and mind because it is a spiritual journey that expands our consciousness to include the soul, which has a connection to the Living Universe. We usually do not envisage this consciousness with our first glance because it contains the discovery and assimilation of active attention, which grows within like the mustard seed gradually growing into a tree. This seed of awareness little by little opens the consciousness of the beneficiary in stages through and beyond the mind to offer shelter in the soul. Everything we do and has been done to us is an opportunity to set in motion our inner power to create positive change in ourselves and the world. Each one of us is building a world with our thoughts within where we get ideas to build concepts in the world and in return our thoughts attract similar mindsets. The thoughts we think over and over inside go out and every one of them comes back overloaded with similar inspirations. To the extent and intensity that we love others is the degree in which we are loved. Thoughts are forces that produce intensities similar to the ones we think for example, hatred, fear, jealousy and revenge bring into being influences that are similar and have the effect of closing energy streams in the body while peace, hope and love opens those passages. If you think youthful thoughts, your body will be young and as a result will give support to your mind because as the mind develops the body, the body assists the mind. Our thoughts are the energy and power that builds and determines our lives corresponding to our nature. We create and follow our thoughts so fear becomes the most expensive thought to entertain as it opens the mind to the very things and conditions that it is afraid of. Fear is a habit that not only affects us, but our families, friends, community and country by stopping progress. It is a harmful faith that breeds failure and is going in the wrong direction so we need to face our fears and change our direction to succeed. The good thing is love dissolves fear so we need to cultivate it. When we accept what takes place with love and gratitude, we receive spiritual nourishment from the physical world and can use those experiences to give back to the world. Faith will be on its way to become a love concern and not a list of fear-provoking laws and declarations. Embracing the love and excitement emanating from the God and man relationship through the universe is the art of being human. This friendship with the Living Universe cultivates and encourages our interrelatedness with our conscious and unconscious minds and with everything in the cosmos. Jesus explained this in a parable saying, “The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is larger than all the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches.” (Mathew 13 31-32)

You are Not your Mind, It is within You

In the grace and comfort of unity, a spiritual experience encounters a new heaven and a new earth where everything is united. The confusions on the physical plane, the duality of the sins and miseries of the mind are not remembered or renewed in this experience. In the present moment harmony we see the balance and unity of opposites. A center of heaven on earth has glory in our sorrows because at our lowest point we are the most open to change and renewal. The beast in us can lay in peace with our innocence in a new life where we are whole or holy. We just need a paradigm shift so the mind in not trapped in the brain. We are a part of the unified force field and we do interact with the universe, we just need to become aware of it. If we make this shift in consciousness our story becomes a love story and we stop blaming others for our misfortune. We reinterpret our memories, which we Christians call forgiveness, and we reinterpret the universe because the scientists are showing us that most of the universe is not perceived.

Ignore the criticisms and judgments of the mind and listen to the Divinity within. The mind is asking the questions, and it is the soul that answers them. “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) We are in and a part of the infinite, but somehow we do the most difficult thing, which is to separate ourselves from infinity. The spirit is always there we just need to remove the obstructions that keep us from it. Jung called the harmonizing, the awareness of our unity with the infinite synchronicity. “Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” (Carl Jung) God is in the present moment, but if you try to grasp or control this instant it is not there. The past, the present and the future are in the here and now along with God, they are not in the future. The problem is we are living in our mind in either in the past or the future while eternity is now. Christian Mysticism communicates to us that we can’t contain or restrict the present moment because it is infinity. There is a way to slow down, know and experience the harmony, synchronicity, peace and a manner to just be in the present moment. God is always in the present moment, we are the ones that are sporadic, sometimes here and sometimes there. Infinity is an ocean of pure consciousness while the soul is a wave. The mind is in the space time continuum so it can be a prison if we let it constrict our identity. The mind is not in the brain or the body, and we are not in the body or the mind. The mind, brain and body are within us. We just need to start identifying with the soul or wave that is connected to the ocean of pure consciousness.

Christian Mysticism

Our consciousness reflects both rationality and intuition because it has an external and an internal perception. The external perceptions are made with mental images while the internal perceptions are made through insight. With reason we form decisions, resolve, choice, intellect and purpose, while intuition elevates reason to a higher degree of efficiency because it is not confused with opinion. Intuition is knowledge in consciousness while opinion is the judgment of it so our intuition can be defined as an inner guiding light that is different from the rational attribute that focuses on appearances externally. It is grasped by developing our inner self or vision.