Christian Mysticism and rigorous practice

I firmly believe that religion or rigorous practice can’t be applied with pressure and intimidation because that only brings force and violence, not wisdom so it must be fulfilled with reason, debate and intuition. When religion is left to the conviction and conscience of every person, then one can achieve a balance in this world between positive and negative, good and evil, and also between pleasure and pain. If religion brings fear, hatred, separation or anything that will frighten a child, it is probably not a true practice. Religion should bring reverence and respect for everyone and everything, and it should also not be bent for the rich and powerful because one will see wealth and worldly pleasure as worthless in the higher layers of the mind. The cloak of hypocrisy and self-interest has to be removed so praise and blame can be taken with a calm assurance unaffected by both honor and disgrace. There is no need to limit our possibilities as we open our consciousness to greater receptivity, to an enlarged concept of life as it takes on a fresh and extraordinary interpretation.
Religion should not be used to manipulate people in politics. It should be respected and used internally.

Christian Mysticism

Mystical Union

The love of Christ presents man’s spirit with an intuitive understanding that the mysteries of faith can be brought into existence and appreciated. These mysteries are given to us to be mastered, and they seek understanding, not only in reflection, but also in prayer and meditation. God is everything, which we try to represent for the intellect and is infinitely more so we pass from philosophical understanding to faith, and then we pass from faith to spiritual understanding. Spiritual understanding is an intensification of faith transforming it into a vision, an experience and a mystical union.

Religion as experience, not tradition

Religion has become a matter of family tradition, a moral habit with some social benefit because it appeals to the emotions and the mind, but true religion satisfies the unit consciousness not by words, but by action and reflection. It not only gives emotional energy and intellectual stimulation, but also takes the sincere beyond the mind to experience the soul or unit consciousness. Therefore, one should not be lost in the words alone, but in the experience, the realization of those words. The spoken and written words are not the goal; the end is not in the words themselves because they are just the rule, the standards that show the way to a blissful, loving experience in life. Contemplation teaches without the noise of words because its obvious goal is the intimate union with Christ consciousness. This union with Christ is like a drop of water losing itself in the ocean, yet there are as many approaches to this ocean of pure consciousness as there are Christians, churches and temples.

Good and Evil

The opposite of good is evil. It tempts us with its apparent glitter of false virtue, power and brilliant capability, and many are drawn into its error. In the battlefield of our minds we can defeat this beast; base instincts, pride, hate and egotism with its thousand heads, if we understand evil not as a conquering and degrading enemy outside, but as a power in our minds collaborating with the whole. If we know good first and follow it, constantly thinking of good then the evil will have no power and all evil appearances will fade out of our lives. Evil disappears gradually little by little as we advance through the layers of the mind to the all-pervading pure consciousness. Our temptations disappear as we progress just as shade disappears before the sun. In this way the evil we witness in the world is taken away from the devil and is made into a weapon against him, if we see it as the negative contents of our own mind causing us not to be positive all the time.
This insight is the first step to a radical change in our attitude and view of the world. This self-study teaches us to be charitable to all and gives us an understanding of others by first studying the faults in ourselves.

Love Commitment

In the present world we are paying the price for not uniting in love. Love is vital because the greatest number of forces and energy is united in its commitment. One can see this on the planet with its separation, wide disorientation and alienation. In the process of spreading different dogmas, fundamental beliefs and legislations, we have lost universal love and the spiritual value of life. Nothing is respected any more because we have misplaced the spiritual merits of being and have stripped all things of their luminosity.