Your Answer to Evil is Worse Than the Problem

Your Answer to Evil Is Worse Than the Problem

The living flame of love does not offend so why do you try to wound my soul
All life is sacred so a call to arms, a holy jihad must be viewed with suspicion
In the heart you would injure, Jesus delicately inspires my love
A peaceful place where love abides and shares with all

Passed from the soul beyond what can be expressed by mouth
I recognize your intentions behind the harsh and angry manner
Eliminating evil, a task within the self, eliminates any barrier to love
Choices examined move towards or away from it

Hellish thinking creates devils and discordant feelings
You have no prejudices, only hatreds based on evidence?
You want to save the world, forcibly bringing me to peace
I remain in tranquility, waiting for you to join

Evil, the lack of love can’t be healed with absence
Hating evil embraces wickedness, increasing it, not diminishing it
Love’s presence is innocent of judgment
Stop outlawing evil, preparing for battle, Christians reach for love

You can’t steal Christ, it is not the last name of Jesus
Judgments demonstrate your mental work not my spirituality
Analyze and see God inside and see Him everywhere
Love and forgiveness is a lifestyle, not a religion

Surrender thinking substituting fear with forgiveness
Releasing currents of anger and destruction
Align the personality with the soul and contact reverence
A gift of the soul making use of our escape from evil bondage

Good and Evil

The opposite of good is evil. It tempts us with its apparent glitter of false virtue, power and brilliant capability, and many are drawn into its error. In the battlefield of our minds we can defeat this beast; base instincts, pride, hate and egotism with its thousand heads, if we understand evil not as a conquering and degrading enemy outside, but as a power in our minds collaborating with the whole. If we know good first and follow it, constantly thinking of good then the evil will have no power and all evil appearances will fade out of our lives. Evil disappears gradually little by little as we advance through the layers of the mind to the all-pervading pure consciousness. Our temptations disappear as we progress just as shade disappears before the sun. In this way the evil we witness in the world is taken away from the devil and is made into a weapon against him, if we see it as the negative contents of our own mind causing us not to be positive all the time.
This insight is the first step to a radical change in our attitude and view of the world. This self-study teaches us to be charitable to all and gives us an understanding of others by first studying the faults in ourselves.