The People Who Love Hell Are in Heaven

In the grace and comfort of unity, a spiritual experience encounters a new heaven and a new earth where everything is united. The confusions on the physical plane, the duality of the sins and miseries of the mind are not remembered or renewed in a spiritual experience. In the present moment harmony we see the balance and unity of opposites because a center of heaven on earth has glory even in our sorrows because when we are at our lowest point we are also the most open to change and a new life. The beast in us can lay in peace with our innocence in our renewal where we become whole or holy. We just need a paradigm shift so the mind in not trapped in the brain and opens to the awareness of being a part of the unified force field where we interact with the universe. If we make this shift in consciousness our story becomes a love story and we stop blaming others for our misfortune as we reinterpret our memories, which in Christianity is the process of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not something we carry out for other people, it does not mean we give a positive response to their behavior or trust them because it is just something that is essential for ourselves to move on to enjoy the peace and goodness that is all around us. Forgiveness takes a strong person and is a sign that one is ready to move on with life. It is a letting go on negative emotions, a spiritual process to love and heal from a person who has wronged us and to keep them from doing away with our freedom.
Science is helping us to reinterpret the universe by showing us that everything in the universe is connected without boundaries or restrictions and that we are a part of the universe and are totally responsible for our character and our choices. Ignore the criticisms and judgments of the mind and listen to the Divinity within because the mind is asking the questions, but it is the soul that answers them. We begin to see through the soul’s perspective when we realize our connection to the universe, open ourselves to love and let the soul show the way. We are a part of the infinite, but somehow we do the most difficult thing, which is to separate ourselves from the infinity within our mind with our mind. The spirit is always there connected with everything in eternity; we just need to remove the obstructions that keep us from it. Jung called the harmonizing, the awareness of our unity with the infinite synchronicity. “Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” (Carl Jung) It is happening right now with coincidences, communications, lessons and everything we need being sent to us from the universe at just the right time when we line up with it instead of demanding the universe change for us.
God is present in the moment, but if we try to grasp or control it, it is not there because we are living in the mind and that means we are either in the past or the future mode while eternity is happening right now and can’t be controlled. The past, the present and the future are in the here and now along with God at the same time, the problem is our mind is linear and thinks in only one mode at a time so they are in the present together, but our mind is not. Christian mysticism communicates to us that we can’t contain or restrict the present moment because it is infinity but there is a way to slow down, know and experience the harmony, synchronicity and peace in it. God is always in infinity, we are the ones that are sporadic, sometimes here and sometimes there in the ocean of pure consciousness while our behavior acts like a wave, connected and separate on the surface. The mind is in the space time continuum so it can imprison and constrict our identity by presenting us as a mind, brain and body, but we are not in them because they are within us. We just need to start identifying with the soul to perceive that the wave is connected to the ocean of pure consciousness in order to feel light and full of joy. The difficulty is in silencing the mind that worries and bothers us with control issues to create our future while the soul is aware of our destiny evolving naturally as we expand and open up to what is around us.
Jesus said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” This provides us with a functional answer to the many problems of our present life because this call for love tells us that we are united and that no other person is separate or apart in God’s spiritual encounter. Recognizing that we are all one in God’s mindfulness gives us full protection in His unity by integrating our individual life with the world around us and providing a basic harmony and equilibrium in our hearts and minds. This quiets the mind because creation becomes a tapestry of loving relationships at different levels. The delight and mental high begins with loving who you are at this time no matter what you have done as we need to start at a level we are capable of accepting. It is not a matter of waiting until we have reached an elevated level or certain intensity because all states of love and unity are available right now. Love is timeless with all possibilities in the past and future existing now in the unity of this present moment so we can love the impurities we start with because they are the motivating factor to awaken the self. We are in the infinite and are not going to pass through infinity without making a mistake. The road to heaven passes through hell so the people who love hell are in heaven because in their peace they can deal with anything, are not afraid of anything and know that nothing happens by chance, but by choice. The mystics of every religion talk about this unity, the new physics is talking about it and the Christian mystics past and present are talking about it in the closet of the church. The problem is the church keeps it secret with a locked door that is hard to get in and out of. Thomas Carlyle, a Calvinist stated that the soul gives unity to what it looks at with love. The soul knows things the mind does not understand so no one can threaten, offend or upset us if we are standing inside it because it can go so high negativity can’t reach it.

Christian Mysticism