The Word God Is Overused In Christianity

The symbolic systems of religion work if our ego-centric consciousness is directed from the external contemplation of God as a separate object to the interior of our being where we become conscious that we are inside God. In full development our soul is expanded in both directions because it receives impressions and sensations from the external material realm with thoughts and intuitions from the spiritual reality. The soul is our link between the spiritual and physical where the spiritual develops our intuition and the physical develops our sense organs as a result together they give us observation, insight and awareness. The ocean of pure consciousness in which we are involved is composed of energy, frequency, vibration, light and color, consequently our soul is a rainbow of colors in God’s ocean. From the soul’s perspective it is not words that communicate, but the vibrations behind them that are felt and if the frequency is sympathetic the souls dance making available the feelings of peace and harmony. In our soul we find all the secrets of the universe, the vibrations in God’s ocean of pure consciousness because the soul strives to understand the multitude of vibrations while our ego consciousness uses words to be understood. It is our choice to identify with the awesome reality deep within or with the ego consciousness that creates short-lived realities as it submerges sorrows below the surface. Full development stretches out to encompass both the physical and spiritual realms and it is not difficult to get hold of this awareness if we establish an uninterrupted mindfulness on all levels and planes. We can experience waves of light and bliss in the spiritual realm and not forget our zip code, but approaching from the mind it is difficult to clear away the preconception that the nature of our soul is just a more refined portrayal of the physical. A prayer to comprehend a problem invites awareness, insight, instincts and intuition in order to take in and make out the difficulty and discern the solution. Being mindful, one makes a distinction between a spiritual revelation and a mental inference in order to use both properly to get to the bottom of investigations and disentangle our tribulations. Our world is made of matter; however, it has invisible energy fields passing through it as well as an accepting, compliant interconnection that has no limitations or borders of any kind. This one ocean of consciousness contains our physical, mental and spiritual realities; therefore, understanding our external, internal and higher awareness makes a big difference in dealing with our individual activities in these fields. For this reason, we have all the tools we need to be who we are as we sense and become conscious of the energy around us and incorporate it into our experience. This allows us to imagine, focus our intentions, expand our awareness and clear our mind to look inward and be able to pick up intuitions and higher images and respond to them. When our life is harmonious with all the dimensions, fields and realities in the here and now and we are receptive, life will provide us with what is needed and yield to our request with its immeasurable love, quanta energy and creative resources. “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it Intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.” (Albert Einstein)

Christian Mysticism