Christian Mysticism And Christian Religion

Christian religion seems to be the study of trees and counting the rings while Christian Mysticism is concerned with sending the roots deeper into the experience. I think one can study the orchard and expand one’s branches and roots at the same time, but the institutions seem more comfortable with the words and so they deny the experience.

In our endeavor to understand life we experiment externally, which is science in order to understand the laws of life internally, which is spirituality. As we see the universal laws unfold and how they apply to our mind, we understand our relationship to the whole. By being good we find out what makes us happy and by being bad we find sadness, therefore to be content and happy we must find the best way to live. To live a good life we must deliver an unconscious pattern into a conscious system, which is what spirituality does for us. It is just as important to understand our internal self, as it is to understand the external self in order to be healthy and happy. We need to learn to watch the inner reactions of the mind, the same way we observe events in the outer world for self-preservation; consequently, our mind becomes aware of itself.

I feel the Church needs to spend more time directing people to the interior life and not worry so much about the exterior facade that takes so much of the Church’s resources. Christian Mysticism

Anger and Christian Mysticism

I don’t feel anger is a right or wrong issue, but a choice. I think we can learn from our anger and transform the non-loving energy of anger into a loving energy. It seems anger is an expression of some kind of distortion or pain. I think anger is a lesson we need to learn. We could start with the source of our anger because the answer might be the act of forgiveness that acts as a poultice, drawing the negative energy that acts like a poison out of our body. It might be in the spiritual act of offering it up to God, letting it go so that it no longer poisons our mind. I feel we can even change anger into a peaceful mindset through social service. Channeling that negative energy into helping another person, doing a household chore for the family or even exercise to get in shape can transmute anger back into a loving energy and spiritual peace. Anger can be a path to self-understanding and clarity or because it is a choice we can choose anger and fuel the rage.

Christian Mysticism

Christian Mysticism and rigorous practice

I firmly believe that religion or rigorous practice can’t be applied with pressure and intimidation because that only brings force and violence, not wisdom so it must be fulfilled with reason, debate and intuition. When religion is left to the conviction and conscience of every person, then one can achieve a balance in this world between positive and negative, good and evil, and also between pleasure and pain. If religion brings fear, hatred, separation or anything that will frighten a child, it is probably not a true practice. Religion should bring reverence and respect for everyone and everything, and it should also not be bent for the rich and powerful because one will see wealth and worldly pleasure as worthless in the higher layers of the mind. The cloak of hypocrisy and self-interest has to be removed so praise and blame can be taken with a calm assurance unaffected by both honor and disgrace. There is no need to limit our possibilities as we open our consciousness to greater receptivity, to an enlarged concept of life as it takes on a fresh and extraordinary interpretation.
Religion should not be used to manipulate people in politics. It should be respected and used internally.

Christian Mysticism

Christianity is reverent and alive Inside

Christianity is reverent and alive if one listens to the call from inside. The dull habit of preaching, giving sermons, patronizing, condemning or judging others as insufficient is the ego talking about Christ, not the religion of Christ. Descriptions about Jesus are not the spiritual ideas Jesus described. The experience of joy and the supernatural realization of Christ are not about sins, hell or Satan, but the glorious energy of the soul. A healer doesn’t rifle through the lives of others, but brings one from the outer personality to the inner-self arousing one from immaturity and prejudice to wholeness.

Christian Mysticism


God visits me when I leave in silence.    Christian Mysticism

To Understand Spiritual Things

“God has revealed this wisdom to us through the Spirit. The Spirit scrutinizes all matters, even the deep things of God.” —1 Corinthians 2:10

To understand spiritual things, we have to rely totally on the Holy Spirit because the Spirit instructs us in everything (John 14:26), We live in the Spirit and it is the major part if not all of our understanding.
(2 Corinthians 3:15-17) 15Even to this day when Moses is read, a veil covers their hearts. 16But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. 17Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

All the Sacred Books are special and are not ordinary writings because they have been inspired by the Holy Spirit and have extremely spiritual and truthful contents. They are mystical and difficult in many ways. If we have the freedom of Spirit, we see this in all the sacred teachings, if not we have a tendency to contract to the one thing we have studied intellectually.

(1 Corinthians 2:10-16) “The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. 11For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the man’s spirit within him? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. 12We have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us. 13This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words.[a] 14The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. 15The spiritual man makes judgments about all things, but he himself is not subject to any man’s judgment:
16″For who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him?”[b] But we have the mind of Christ.” The mind of Christ I feel can be expressed as Christ consciousness, but many Christians would call this New Age as if it is bad. It is not negative.

God is not separate from anything; He is the Life of our life, the Reality within our own reality and the Soul within our being. Our union with God can be witnessed in our minds starting with the replication of the union between Christ consciousness and God’s pure consciousness. This is the bringing of our own minds and wills into agreement with the mind of Christ, a consciousness where we experience pure consciousness and get submerged in the loving will of God. It starts us on a journey toward a new consciousness where Christ consciousness purifies the mind so it becomes free, not worried and unattached because it doesn’t want its own way, but the Lord’s way. Christ said, “Lord let Thy Will be done.” This simple phrase encourages the thoughtful and focused application of a profound spiritual practice that leads to untold reward by directing the creative force within to pure consciousness. It establishes a deep awareness of our unity with the power of God so we experience a greater good as a result of limiting our negative attitude. This positive awareness applied to specific needs in our daily life changes our circumstances helping us to pass from hardship and desire into a greater freedom than we have ever known. As we enter into a greater consciousness astonishing things happen that we thought were not possible, but we must take an honest look at our negative thoughts and let them go. Having the determination to expand our positive thoughts and take charge of our life will eliminate many problems, negative beliefs and unhappiness. We must have the courage to move forward into Christ consciousness where we are free from pain, desire, fear, conflict and worry. May we all have the freedom of Spirit to not be afraid and research our true being in every corner the Spirit takes us and not cower into tradition, physical symbols or behind people who preach the restricting of Spirit just because it comes from a source we are not accustomed to. The Spirit enters where the door is open and honors a closed mind by not entering where it is not welcome.

Soul, Christ Consciousness and love

Our possessive nature spoils things, our attachments blind; they bind and hurt us so we need to let go of our old ways and become free because this detachment is our liberation. When a person loves something he sets it free, this is love. Love is beyond the mind, beyond mere words, and is expressed in silent sacrifice. Jesus loved us and died for us to show us the way. His liberation from the earth glorified God and showed us the way. He loved, sacrificed and died for everyone demonstrating his love for God, everything and the unity of pure consciousness. The union between Christ consciousness and pure consciousness is so intimate that no creature could ever detect a difference between them. Christ is demonstrating the union between our soul and God because our soul is nearer to God than it is to our body. We have higher and lower powers just like Jesus because we enjoy the bliss of eternity while, at the same time, suffering and struggling here on earth. We should not inhibit the function of our consciousness, but train, offer it up to God and be in harmony with it at all times. Jesus showed us how to assign suffering solely to the body, the lower faculties and the senses so our consciousness can be plunged into the pure consciousness of our Lord. He showed us how to love God in all things so the more purely and simply we love in unity the more thoroughly our deeds will wash away our sins and purify our minds. Jesus meant for us to follow him intelligently and spiritually so not to be manipulated by literal interpretations that lead us away from love. Following Christ consciousness in our own way depends on our love not our superficial actions. It is love that blots out sin and knows no fear so there is nothing else a man can do that is as beneficial as loving everything and everyone. When this happens, it is no longer we who love, but Christ that loves through us, it is no longer our bodies that live, but Christ consciousness that lives within us. This is the discovery of our true selves in Christ consciousness. Jesus died for us and reconciled us to his Father so Christ consciousness could live in us and unify us with God.

Solution to world’s problems

Seeing God as omnipresent is the answer to the world’s problems because it helps one to overcome the present conditions of the world. Quarrels among churches, among countries, religions and wars would end because we would see that there is only one God uniting us all. Seeing God in our individual consciousness gives us the spiritual power to heal our ills, limitations and anything else we are lacking. It is our answer to overcome any evil we see in the world today, but we cannot just accept it as truth because it must be proven within our experience. For a holy person to preach these words are not good enough, it is only when we know it in ourselves that we feel the power. There is no power in repeating a phrase because that is only a recitation; in fact there is no power that is not the power of God. What we need is the consciousness of God to express His power through us to enable us to see Him operating universally through others and ourselves, bringing to us what we need to grow and be happy. The kingdom of God is expressed in the harmony and power within.

Second Coming in consciousness

It is not only with the cruder forms of life that we are linked, as human beings, we are moving together with other spiritual beings in a long continuous ascent and are not in ourselves a finality. Where animal life consummates humankind starts, and when humanity concludes divinity starts. When divinity is activated, our faith is detached from earth and elevated to the higher realms of life. This can be found in Christ’s words, “My kingdom is not of this world”, also in the phrase, “Keep your treasure where no man can take it.” Above and beyond our basic drives lies our inner psychic reality manifesting a living world that artist can only try to express in their creative endeavors. These spiritual experiences represent the mystical experience that is beyond the mind and body experience and merges all our hopes and dreams into one final climax. This can be seen in the increased heights of the roofs of the old churches. They defy the laws of gravity while the steeples seem to point to a tangential point that is between the abstract and the concrete worlds in which we live.
As Christians we have chosen the powerful image of Jesus Christ to represent the expression of this tangential point. He embodies the cosmic mind as seen through the universal man. It is not that the material world will one day dissolve into Jesus Christ, but that the ego’s extroverted tendencies will disappear in order that the second coming of Christ might be perceived in consciousness.


The vigilance to stay in the ark of God’s pure consciousness takes discipline, but satisfies our basic spiritual need by acting as a counter-weight to the ever increasing nervous, mental and physical tensions in modern life. This counteraction to the deterioration caused by our daily fight for survival helps us to grow healthier and more relaxed as we become calm, less inclined to agitation, frustration and a bad frame of mind. Therefore, the reassuring first step to know the meaning of God is to develop the conscious awareness of His omnipresence, which is ancient and as modern as the space age. Dedication to the recognition of this one God as an art and the unity of all things in His consciousness as a science will eliminate the stress and hustle of modern life.

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