Love comes to us through the enfoldment and revelation of our own inner being. “Love your brother as yourself,” in this work we must first know and love ourselves. It takes the knowing of this truth to make pure consciousness evident. All harmony in our experience is the direct result of the activity of love in our consciousness. This does not consist in making statements or repetitions of love, but the awareness of love and pure consciousness in all things. The infinity of God appears when we see pure consciousness in God’s infinite forms and varieties, God as omnipresent, the pure consciousness of God in the individual consciousness and in our own. This love must be realized, we cannot just simply preach how to love God then strive to defeat other faiths or religions.

Spiritual Awareness

The mind is tender and is easily harassed in the noisy confusion of life so we need to discipline our minds to keep peace with our soul. In this way we can continue to wonder and see beauty in the world even with its fraud, strife and broken dreams. The person who does not recognize his soul, who does not commune spiritually is but a pair of glasses without an eye, a person with an intellect who is not aware of spirituality knows all the prices, but not the value of life.

One God in Christian Mysticism

The exceptional finding that there is one God awaits each one of us, giving us the ability to change our lives for the better. When we understand the true meaning of one God, our concept of god expands and builds a greater awareness of God’s presence within us. It is a journey towards unity and a new way of living. As we progress on this journey to oneness, we find our lives gradually transformed in a positive way, which includes both the conscious and the unconscious. This balance brings the discovery of a new reality along with a balance between the rational and the irrational, between the intellect and instinct, and between the conscious mind and the unconscious. As we acquire unity, we see that nothing exist in isolation so the nature of our being is unity, a unity of body, mind and spirit. Wholeness or holiness can be achieved with a watchful mind and the knowledge that everything is united in God, if old fears, doubts and prejudices wear away to make room for new ideas and understanding.