Expand Christianity by Expanding Yourself

The Christian Church has become a social and political institution where we Christians give up our power and authority to others to save us, but our churches have opposed our progress, improvement and encounters with the awe of understanding that shines within us with many obstructions. It has opposed innovation and discovery when we need to transform our mental paradigms in order to inspire and change our perceptions of the universe and our relationship with it. Some church leaders have divorced science and religion, faith and reason which are meant to live together with enthusiasm and not alone in isolation. It is up to us to tear down the walls that divide them, to use our intelligence as a path to spiritual awareness so when our mind can say no more our instinctive spiritual view of life will take over. This kind of rational intuitive perception of God is reflected in creation.

I see, hear, taste, smell and feel gross energy, but at the same time I can experience subtle energy. There is a limit to my senses and this boundary marks the experience of gross life because the subtle energy fields are out of our ordinary range of experience. Technology has shown me that there are subtle levels in our world, which I am not aware of with my senses because my senses are limited to the gross strata only. In order to experience the finer energies of life it seems necessary for me to improve my sense of being by aligning with the mind and the soul.

Let the scientists and the Christian mystics go on developing methods to understand the universe because with their discoveries and inventions we can split apart the physical and spiritual sides of life and gain knowledge because the more we know of the individual things, the more we know of the whole. The relationship between our human nature, the world and the beyond is made understandable, as we perceive that life is a relative and intricate part of an undivided whole. We just have to be careful not to get engulfed by the particular things and lose sight of the total picture

The mind is tender and is easily harassed in the noisy confusion of life so we need to discipline our minds to keep peace with our soul. In this way we can continue to wonder and see beauty in the world even with its fraud, strife and broken dreams. The person who does not recognize his soul, who does not commune spiritually is but a pair of glasses without an eye, a person with an intellect who is not aware of spirituality knows all the prices, but not the value of life.

There is a higher way and it is not about punishment and damnation. I feel people set up these alarms, but they are all only about security and power. The higher way transcends these tensions, anxieties and conflicts and flows into acceptance and love for all. As people gain some spiritual experience they seem to become calmer, more peaceful, loving individuals. It seems as people become quieter they start to be more sensitive, insightful and perceptive. They are no longer scattered, inefficient and confrontational as they tune themselves to the higher energies of love. May we all enjoy the deeper inner life and not let others kill the tender merciful presence of God.

In the present world we are paying the price for not uniting in love. Love is vital because the greatest number of forces and energy is united in its commitment. One can see this on the planet with its separation, wide disorientation and alienation. In the process of spreading different dogmas, fundamental beliefs and legislation, we have lost universal love and the spiritual value of life. Nothing is respected anymore because we have misplaced the spiritual merits of being and have stripped all things of their luminosity.

The part of Christianity that is manipulating the masses and not giving the people what they want will perish and the Christianity, which I call Christian mysticism, will continue to help people develop a direct insightful experience. It will help people form a relationship and communion with the beautiful, reasonable energy of the universe and its awe-inspiring power deep within the soul. Science and Christian mysticism offers us the depth to be able to change the direction of our basic concepts and outlook of the world around us by pointing to Infinity and something beyond matter. Viewing the universe from the perspective of Infinity radically changes our thoughts for the better in a whole-world view of unity, observing our finite self in infinity.

Christian Mysticism explains how our actions and thoughts within and without resolve themselves in the simplicity of the whole experience when we focus on our simple unity in God’s pure consciousness and have become acquainted with God’s unity. God is outside and within ourselves in His pure consciousness, which can be witnessed inside, when we know that reality is more than what is observed outside with the senses. Letting go of what is little, Christian Mysticism enters into a larger concept of life where there is nothing to fear because we realize that conflict is the result of seeing only in part, not the whole picture.

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